Catching up with Rob McKenna

After serving in public office for 17 years, Rob McKenna is working as an attorney in the private sector. McKenna joined KING 5 in studio to talk about what he’s been up to and if he has plans to run for office again.

Defending American Innovation from Foreign IP Theft

There are few things U.S. workers value more than protecting the fruits of their labor and creativity. On Friday β€” World Intellectual Property Day β€” businesses across sectors and throughout the country celebrate American innovation, the millions of high-paying jobs it creates and the invaluable role it plays in rebuilding our economy. However, today is […]

The next step

Friends, Yesterday I participated in my final public appearance as your Washington State Attorney General. I had the honor of once again addressing a joint session of state legislature, and my message was a simple one – thank you for the opportunity to serve. And today, as I leave the office I have proudly led […]