Special interests trying to stop charter schools

Where is the outrage from the state’s elected leaders about a special interest group trying to protect its access to your tax dollars (which fund their dues) by filing a lawsuit to overturn the will of the people?  The sound you hear is crickets, coming from the political leaders who have eviscerated higher ed and are under court order to fund public schools because of their votes for other “priorities” in the last generation – and who owe their election to the dollars donated by these special interests.

— Rob McKenna

Education union seeks to stop children from attending charter schools

The Washington Education Association launched its long-anticipated legal attack on charter schools today. Lawyers for the powerful public-sector union filed suit in King County Superior Court to overturn voter-approved Initiative 1240. If successful, the lawsuit would deny access to charter schools to Washington school children.

The suit argues that in enacting Initiative 1240 voters violated the state constitution by “improperly diverting public schools funds to private organizations that are not subject to local voter control and by impeding the State’s constitutional obligation to amply provide for and fully fund K-12 public education.”

WEA lawyers were joined in the suit by leaders from anti-charter groups, including Washington Association of School Administrators, the League of Women Voters, and El Centro de la Raza.

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Rob McKenna
Rob served two terms as Washington’s Attorney General, from 2005 to 2013. He successfully argued three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and negotiated three of the largest consumer financial protection settlements in national history, all involving mortgage lending and servicing. He is a recognized leader in the development of consumer protections on the internet, in data protection and privacy regulation.