McKenna on KIRO: Why Martin Pang will soon be released from prison

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about the Martin Pang case and why Pang will soon be released from prison. Pang was convicted of manslaughter for setting a 1995 arson fire in which four Seattle firefighters died. Pang set the fire as part of an insurance fraud scheme.

Dave Ross: “[The state’s felony murder law] says that if someone dies as a result of you setting a fire, you too are charged with murder. The thing is with Martin Pang, they delayed in arresting him, and he went off to Brazil where the laws are different.”

Rob McKenna: “Right. Brazil, like many other countries, does not have a felony murder law. So, if you commit arson in Brazil and someone dies, you’re not going to be charged with murder.

“And so they refused to extradite Mr. Pang, and prosecutors from King County had to fly down there and negotiate for his extradition. Finally, they successfully negotiated to have him returned to the United States, but only to face manslaughter charges and not felony murder charges.”

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