McKenna on KIRO: Judges rule against revised travel ban

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about the latest legal developments regarding the Trump Administration’s executive order on immigration. Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland this week issued temporary restraining orders against the administration’s revised travel ban.

Dave Ross: “So at this point, what’s the next step here? These are temporary restraining orders, as you point out. This has not been argued extensively on the merits, so what happens now?”

Rob McKenna: “Well, the Department of Justice could choose to appeal the TROs, as they’re called…and they might bet that the court of appeals judges on the East Coast would be more sympathetic to them. And, in fact, the travel order that’s at issue now is narrower, is more tightly drafted, so it would seem to withstand scrutiny.

“But it turns out that the plaintiffs’ arguments are working. All this evidence they’re bringing in of discriminatory intent is persuasive to these judges who are ruling and issuing these TROs that the plaintiffs have a strong likelihood of success on the merits, even before the cases are fully briefed.

“So, I would say that going up to the courts of appeal probably isn’t their best strategy at this point. They probably need to fully brief these cases, bring in more national security evidence, and have a trial on whether or not these orders are actually needed.”

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  • bhaskin

    Well Rob I think you need to rethink this …. very disappointing!

  • PPTA

    The Travel ban is only a temporary thing until better vetting can be put in place. People say we are a nation of immigrants. We are. LEGAL immigrants. People coming here use to need a sponsor. A job in advance or the sponsor took care of them until they spoke English and could find a job. THEY DID NOT GET FREE MEDICAL, FOOD STAMPS, OR ANY TYPE OF WELFARE. They obeyed the laws, learned English, and then went to work. My relatives came here om=n my fathers side in 1692. On my Mothers side they came from Germany in 1861.They had sponsors, . They came here legally. They did not sneak in then demand tat the Government take care of them,. Take a look at and watch a video of Dear Born Mich where the Muslims have taken over. They are on welfare, get food stamps , live in 455,000 to 600,000 dollar homes, drive BMW’s,Audi’s, Caddy’s Lincoln,s and live quite high, on your money. Look up Idaho Falls, June 2, 2016, see how a 5 year old little girl was raped by three Somali Boys who never went to jail. Here in Washington State we have had problems also, I have a 23 year old Grand daughter who lives in Bellevue Wa an eight of her girl friends who now carry concealed weapons and have permits. Why? Illegals and the Somali Refugees that harass them. Or go to Auburn Wa., around Green River College and visit the 7-11 store. The Somali men have taken over, my wife has a niece that works at the college, she now has a concealed permit and carries a 357 Mag. Many of the other female workers do the same. What the common denominator is, FEAR. There have been incidents, even rapes, beatings, that never make the news , happening in both places. The victims? American young and middle aged women. Democrats like I grew up with are long gone. Instead we have Globalists who want a one world Government, and a dictatorship. Paid for by George Soros and many in the group just like him. I am positive that America will get what they deserve.

    • AbleAmerican1

      My Mother & her parents were members of the “Volga Deutsche” forced out of Russia in the early 1900s by the Bolshevicks. They paid the time, price & learned English to become LEGAL refugee Immigrants. I’m here to share this comment because they did !
      S/Sgt. John Sharp, USAF SIS, Disabled Korean War Veteran, 1950-54.

      • PPTA

        Thank you for your service. I had a Uncle who was there. when the Chinese came in. He didn’t talk much about it to the family for years He roomed with me at my Grandparents place . At night sometimes, he told me some of the stories, provided I would not tell others. I also am a vet. . From the 60″s. I have a daughter in her early 40’s who served in Iraq as a certified Humvee driver, a Bradley Driver and a 50 Cali gunner. She shot expert with the 50, the M161 and the 1911 45, she served her time just as well as the men did,

  • Jack

    For once but the safety of the citizens of Washington over protecting terrorists. Stop handing out state drivers’ licenses to illegals. Stop giving out scholarships to illegals instead of to citizens. Stop defying federal law and common sense and stop claiming that Washington is a sanctuary state. Stop ordering state law enforcement to ignore the law and arrest illegals when they are apprehended instead of releasing them to continue to remain illegally in the state. In short, follow the law or resign your office. And take Jay Inslee with you.

    • donnn

      Jack you are right on target. I don’t like my tax dollars supporting illegals. No one can say that we don’t have a homeless problem here in Seattle. I want my tax dollars going to help those living in tents and under bridges around Seattle. Why should our area be a free home to illegals coming here.

  • AbleAmerican1

    iGNORING the Radical Terrorist’s History,not only here in ALL 50 States of America, in Addition to their World Wide Jihad Agenda, ISIS, etal, is EXACTLY what they’re praying to Allah to have happen !! ANY person, politician or whatever with any cranium space that produces vacuum brain flatulence are the EXACT passive morons who accept this destructive invasive centuries old agenda. As a Disabled Korean War Veteran (1950-54) my “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT” is NOW & has ALWAYS been ‘You destroy your enemy before they destroy you.!
    S/Sgt.John Sharp, USAF SIS.

  • donnn

    Well in the 50’s when you immigrated to the United States from another part of the world you had to be vaccinated for many diasuses