McKenna on KIRO: Judge rules homeless man’s truck is a home

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about last week’s ruling in King County Superior Court that a homeless person’s vehicle can count as a home under the state’s homestead act. Judge Catherine Shaffer also ruled that the impound fees charged to Steven Long to retrieve his truck were unconstitutionally excessive.

Dave Ross: “OK, so the way you think this is going to end up being enforced is that, he will still have to move his truck, but the city can’t put it out of reach for him financially to get it back?”

Rob McKenna: “I think that’s right, and the judge was getting to that point when she talked about the penalties being excessive. I was really surprised to read that it was going to cost him 900 bucks to get his truck out of impound…”

Dave Ross: “Really? I’ve had my car impounded – it is extremely expensive, and it seems no price is too high for them to charge.”

Listen here

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