McKenna on KIRO: Facebook and Google not keeping political ad records

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about the state Attorney General’s Office filing suit against Facebook and Google for not complying with Washington state law. Entities that run political advertisements are required to keep records regarding who is buying ads and how much they’re spending, and those records must be made available for inspection.

Ross: “Do we know that they were completely ignorant of this? Or was there possibly something they were trying to cover up, such as whether a foreign entity, perhaps, had been purchasing stuff on their platforms?”

McKenna: “I doubt that Facebook or Google were trying to cover anything up. I just think they hadn’t made the adjustment to the fact that, for campaign law purposes, they’re considered a commercial advertiser, selling the service of communicating messages for broadcast or distribution to the general public.

“And they just never thought of themselves in the same way as a TV station or radio station would – even though they’ve been selling political ads for many years now.”

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Photo by Anthony Quintano

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