McKenna on KIRO: Wealthy neighborhood’s private street sold by city

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about the controversial sale of a private street in San Francisco. Investors bought the street at auction from the city after the homeowners association for the wealthy neighborhood neglected to pay its $14 annual property tax for three decades.

Dave Ross: “Now what about the right to at least use the street to get from the public street to the driveway?…

Rob McKenna: “Right, which is why we have this concept of easements. You can even obtain an easement without the agreement of the other party under some circumstances where your property is useless without it.

“But here, the issue doesn’t seem to be whether they can use their street. The new owners apparently have magnanimously agreed to let them drive in and out of their own neighborhood. It’s the question of parking on the street. Apparently the new owners are suggesting that they could charge a reasonable rent on the parking.

“But of course what they really want to have happen is they want the owners of these homes to band together, pool their money, and buy the street back from the owners for far in excess of $90,000. I admire their creativity and their spunk.”

Listen here

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