McKenna on KIRO: Ted Cruz’s convention speech

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about leaked audio of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie telling a gathering that a Trump administration would seek to purge Obama political appointees but also change the laws to make it easier to fire federal civil service employees. He also asked Rob about Ted Cruz declining to endorse Donald Trump.

Ross: “Okay now take off the attorney general robes and put on your politicians’ ‘Make America Great’ cap. What did you think about Ted Cruz’s performance last night?”

McKenna: “Well, he’s a good speaker, a good orator, and he’s very, very strategic, to put it mildly. I thought it was a good speech, and he knew what was going to happen. He was willing to take that risk, that he would be booed, once the audience figured out late in the speech that he wasn’t planning to endorse Trump.

“He obviously gave that speech with an eye toward 2020 and it was a big thumbing of the nose at the Trump campaign, just like he’s been thumbing his nose at the U.S. Senate, where he’s been serving since he was elected.

“So, it kind of highlighted why a lot of people don’t like Ted Cruz, and it probably made the delegates who came in as Cruz delegates – which most of Washington state’s delegation did – feel pretty uncomfortable since they’re now there and many of them feel like they have to support Trump, and their hero has declined to do that.”

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