McKenna on KIRO: Seattle wants Facebook following political ad law

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about the Seattle Ethics & Election Commission’s demand that internet companies like Facebook and Google share information on political advertising. The Seattle Times explains that city law requires that “commercial advertisers that sell political ads to campaigns must make information about the ads available for public inspection leading up to an election and for three years after the election.” Some argue the federal Communications Decency Act shields internet companies from liability for third-party ads, potentially including disclosure.

Dave Ross: “Well there seems to be a presumption there that broadcasters should know who the advertisers are whereas online entities, they’re just a pass-through – they never touch what goes out over their platform, right?”

Rob McKenna: “Well, that’s right. So I think of platforms like Facebook and others as, essentially, big, fancy electronic bulletin boards that anyone can step up to and pin stuff to. That was the theory behind the Communications Decency Act.”

Listen here

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