McKenna on KIRO: Schools funding and your property taxes

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about the state Supreme Court’s latest hearing in the McCleary education funding case, and the likelihood of changes to your property taxes.

Dave Ross: “But then [less wealthy school districts] would get more money for their schools, presumably, than they’re getting now.”

Rob McKenna: “Right. Relying on local school districts for basic education costs, like teacher salaries, is exactly what the state constitution is designed to avoid. Because that inevitably creates inequities, where people who happen to live in poorer school districts are taxed more heavily and often can’t afford the higher taxes, so they don’t spend as much money from local levies as the wealthier school districts will do.

“Which means, the quality of your education depends in part on where you live and that, again, is what the constitution was trying to prevent in making public education the paramount duty of the state.”

Listen here

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