McKenna on KIRO: Repealing Washington’s death penalty

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about his presence at a bipartisan press conference on Monday, where Republican and Democrats backed a bill requested by state Attorney General Bob Ferguson to repeal Washington’s death penalty.

Dave Ross: “Have you ever changed your mind about something of that magnitude before?”

Rob McKenna: “I don’t know. Certainly in the criminal justice arena, this is probably the biggest shift that I’ve experienced, and as I said, it was a long time coming…

“And I’ve realized over the years, when I think about the fact that [Gary] Ridgway, who more than anyone I can think of deserves the death penalty, has not been and will not be executed…you know what, that’s OK. He’s rotting in solitary confinement in Walla Walla, he gets out of his cell one hour a day, and in some ways I think that’s a worse punishment than being put to death.”

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  • Radio Randy

    Predatory animals, such as Ridgway, are loners, anyway. Locking them up in solitary confinement is probably a lot less punishing than you think. Are they really “rotting away” as you suggest, or just biding their time.

    The Liberal mindset seems to believe that simply removing these people from society is the answer. Truth is, however, that you haven’t totally “removed” them, if you still have to house, feed and guard these people. We may not meet them on the street, but we and the victim’s families continue to contribute our tax dollars to ensure their comfort.

    If my car blows up and is uneconomical to repair, it’s no longer of any use to me. I don’t park it out back and keep it gassed up and insured. I send it off to the junk yard for demolition. Of course, humans are not cars, but where it comes to murderers and such…they’re hardly human, any more, in my mind.

    • Marty M. Ikari

      Good points. I want to know how much does it cost to execute them verse a life sentence? It seems we treat people who break the law better than we treat our homeless.