McKenna on KIRO: New law lets A.G. target higher drug prices

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about a bill just passed by Maryland’s legislature that would allow the state’s attorney general to ask drug companies for an explanation if a drug’s price is dramatically raised. The company could then be taken to court, where a judge could reverse the price hike.

Dave Ross: “So the ultimate question, Rob: As former state attorney general, do you think such legislation ought to be attempted here?”

Rob McKenna: “I think it’s worth discussing…I think it would be better to see how it works in Maryland, because litigation is really expensive and so are investigations.

“We’ve considered an ‘unconscionability law’ when it comes to crises following natural disasters, but they’ve been kind of a hit-or-miss proposition in other states where they’re used, in terms of how effective they are.

“So, I think it’s a case where you might want to let someone else go first to see if it actually works, before taking the leap here in Washington or in other states. I know the Maryland attorney general. He’s a former state legislator of long standing. He’s aggressive. He’ll let us know pretty fast whether or not this law actually works in a practical sense for an A.G.”

Listen here

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