McKenna on KIRO: Mueller reportedly looking into obstruction of justice

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about a Washington Post report that says special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice.

Rob McKenna: “So the Supreme Court said during the Watergate era that you cannot cite executive privilege – people at the White House cannot cite it – in order to block the release of information that’s being sought under criminal investigation. And as you point out, the Mueller investigation is a criminal investigation. He has the powers of a federal prosecutor. And whether or not charges are ever brought against the president, the evidence can be collected during the investigation and then ultimately turned over to Congress, which is what happened with Bill Clinton, for example.”

Dave Ross: “The really weird thing about this to me, Rob, is that there was no evidence that were was any actual collusion on the really important underlying case, that being the Russians. And this is an entirely self-inflicted error.”

Rob McKenna: “It is the best recent example of an old saying about Washington, D.C., that there are only two rules in D.C. The first rule is, it’s never about the underlying action, it’s about the attempt to cover up the underlying action. And the second rule is, no one ever remembers the first rule.”

Listen here

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