McKenna on KIRO: Could Mayor Murray sue for defamation?

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about the accusations made against Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and, if Murray is innocent, what legal recourse he could take. The mayor announced this week that he will not run for re-election. Rob explained that a famous Supreme Court case, 1964’s New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, sets a higher bar for public figures to win defamation cases.

Dave Ross: “Then the bottom line to me is, if he’s innocent – I know it’s a big if – then a pretty terrible injustice has been done here.”

Rob McKenna: “And this is a problem with being a public figure. People can make claims about you that may be defamatory, but because you’re a public figure – whether you’re in office or not, even CEOs have been considered public figures – meeting that high bar can make it tough to prove defamation.

“And yet, you want to prove defamation in order to completely clear your name.”

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  • Unclemy

    I would say there is just too much evidence and personal admonition that Mayor Murray was a pedophile! The history seems to resemble that of many priests! Remember that Murray is a Catholic and had an early desire to enter the priesthood. It takes a lot of courage for those who were abused to come forward! To say that all are lying is a tough call. Since they have no political agenda (by their own admission!), then their truth speaks volumes! Also, by dropping out of the race, it points to guilt on the part of Mayor Murray. If he is indeed a pedophile, then appropriate action in the form of a civil law suit, could be started by these men who have claimed abuse. I am sure that the political left will run to defend Ed Murray! Had this been a conservative republican, all hell would have broken loose…marches and protests in the street for the person to step-down from his mayoral position! This is the way Progressive Democratic Liberal politics treats the opposite side…any questions?