McKenna on KIRO: Legislature might do away with the death penalty

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about bills in Olympia that would end the death penalty in Washington. He said last year that a lifetime of “miserable existence” in solitary confinement is a punishment he can live with for murderers like Gary Ridgway.

Dave Ross: “It sounds like you feel the best way, then, to do this – I mean, even if it passes the Legislature – is to put it to a popular vote.”

Rob McKenna: “Well I think that they should allow it to be subjected to a referendum. Now they can put a referendum clause on it themselves and send it right to the voters. I would be fine with that, particularly if that’s what it takes to pass the bill.

“Or, they could not do that but it would be subject to a referendum challenge if voters go out and collect the necessary signatures. That would be fine as well. Either way I’m fine if voters have their say because I do think it’s the kind of issue that voters can decide.”

Listen here

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