McKenna on KIRO: Lawmaker takes on social media Ethics Board case

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about the Legislative Ethics Board case that Rep. Melanie Stambaugh (R-Puyallup) chose to fight. The issue centers on whether or not public officials are allowed to share taxpayer-funded legislative videos and updates on campaign Facebook pages.

Rob McKenna: “And the Ethics Board isn’t saying that Rep. Stambaugh can’t provide access to these legislative materials and videos. They’re just saying that the campaign website, which can link to it, has to take visitors away from the campaign pages themselves to ‘create an appropriate separation between the campaign and the legislative materials.’

“Rep. Stambaugh is saying, that’s a distinction without a difference. She said she thinks it’s important to have the embedded videos on her Facebook page as opposed to – how’d she put it – ‘unknown blue links that look like jargon.’

“And you know, I think she’s got a point there. So, it’s probably time to update this law while at the same time maintaining some sideboards so that legislators don’t abuse this either.”

Listen here

  • What she did was mix her campaign work and her legislative work. This alone is an ethics violation. She also then used legislative materials, paid for by tax dollars, for her re-election campaign. This is a pretty straight-forward case. The fact that she’s arguing it STILL shows she thinks the people who elected her are too stupid to know the simple facts of the case.