McKenna on KIRO: Las Vegas shooting and bump stocks

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about legal scenarios raised by the Las Vegas mass shooting. Much of the discussion in the wake of the shooting has focused on outlawing bump stocks.

Dave Ross: “All the advertisements I could find for bump stocks, of course, none of them say ‘you should use this to fire into a crowd of people.’ In fact, they’re advertised as being a fun way to go to a shooting range with your family and play machine gun. Would you have to prove negligence or some sort of malicious intent?”

Rob McKenna: “It’s more of a standard of recklessness or negligence around manufacturing an item that is prone to misuse, I think that would be the argument. I think the lawsuit would be harder to succeed with than a statute, if policymakers decided to pass a law limiting them.

“They’ve passed other laws limiting silencers, large-draw magazines, etc. And those are policy decisions that probably don’t cross the line into 2nd Amendment violations, at least in most states.

“You might also see legislation that tries to limit the number of semiautomatic weapons someone can own, which is going to be hard to enforce. So that means the next step they’re going to look at is reporting into a database individuals who buy several rifles, several semiautomatic weapons.

“As the head of the ATF who was on the scene in Las Vegas has said, they would have been notified if he had bought multiple handguns. But they were not notified that Paddock was buying multiple semiautomatic [rifles].”

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