McKenna on KIRO: Everett says no to serving coffee in a bikini

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about the City of Everett’s new dress requirements for food and beverage services. The city council voted unanimously for the ordinance, which effectively bans bikini barista stands. A group of baristas is now suing the city over the new rules.

Dave Ross: “So you think that this lawsuit doesn’t have a chance?”

Rob McKenna: “No, I wouldn’t say that. It has a chance. I think they have a very interesting argument that stems from the fact that it only happens to be women who are affected by it, since no one seems to be complaining about men standing around in swim trunks or Speedos serving coffee.

“So, is it discriminatory because only women are in these jobs? So that’s an interesting argument that a judge will want to ponder…

“And the other point Everett makes, which I think is worth thinking about, is that they’ve looked at other parts of the country and they’ve noticed that what starts as a bikini barista stand selling coffee can often spread to the same – ‘clothing’ optional’ food service can spread to food trucks, hot dog stands, and all kinds of other quick service facilities.

“Although I have to admit that calling them, as they do in the ordinance, ‘quick service facilities,’ is one of the great double entendres of all time in local ordinances.”

Listen here

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