McKenna on KIRO: Should Clinton be barred from classified info?

On KIRO 97.3 this morning, host Dave Ross asked Rob about the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal and the FBI’s decision not to pursue charges. House Speaker Paul Ryan said this week Clinton should be barred from classified briefings during the campaign because of careless way she handled classified information.

Rob McKenna: “There’s an executive order that was signed by President Bill Clinton that says that the unauthorized disclosure of information classified in the national interest can cause irreparable damage to the national security and loss of human life, and the order can operate to strip security clearances from both current and former government employees…

“So it’s intriguing that, even though Secretary Clinton would automatically receive sensitive information as president and even though she’ll receive briefings as a nominee, she could be, and arguably should be, stripped of her clearance as a result of the FBI’s findings, because although they said she didn’t commit a crime, they said she was extremely careless. And that would seem to meet the standard for losing security clearance that President Clinton laid out in his executive order.”

Listen here

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