McKenna on KIRO: What can you do if you’re falsely accused?

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about the torrent of recent accusations about sexually inappropriate behavior and the high-profile firings that have resulted.

Dave Ross: “I go back to this line in her column where she says, ‘Many men are asking, if I were wrongly accused, who would believe me?’…At least in the cases I’ve heard, it’s hard to believe the man involved didn’t realize he was crossing a line.”

Rob McKenna: “Yeah I think that’s right, and to the question of ‘who would believe me?’ – well, it would depend on the circumstances. The people who have been outed recently – including Matt Lauer, Al Franken, obviously Harvey Weinstein and others – they had a history of doing this. So did Charlie Rose.

“These really highly publicized cases involve people where it wasn’t one incident. It was typically a pattern. And if there’s a pattern of behavior, no one’s going to believe you that every single one of those accusers made it up, or exaggerated it, or is being vindictive.

“That’s what makes Roy Moore’s protestations of innocence so laughable, is that there’s just no way all these women came forward and are making this up. It just isn’t credible.”

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  • darnash

    Judge Roy Moore’s protestations are laughable??? Have you been paying any attention to the dismantling of the stories of all these women? They are LIARS along with the women, like Gloria Alllred and Faye Gray? No one is backing their stories and relations even say they are liars. Besides the fact that there is no truth to what these women are saying, everyone’s attennae should have been raised when these contentions were voiced in the last 30 days of this election for US Senate. The democrats and the RINOs are salivating over the idea of knocking him out of the Senate. They despise him and his agenda. Why were these claims never raised in 40 years of his public service and several election cycles? Then there is the original source of the news, the Washington Post. The editor’s brother faced and was found guilty by Roy Moore on several charges.
    At least the intelligent Alabama electorate are smart enough to see through all of this and it looks like Judge Roy Moore will win in a landslide.
    The WA Post and the Deep State have exes to grind. Are you part of that group, Mr. McKenna? I once admired you, not anymore!!

    • Malby

      Sorry, I suspect (and as his supporter, dearly hope) that Mr. McKenna doesn’t regularly read Breitbart, infowars, or Alex Jones.

      • darnash

        How about digging into it a little more than that since even the WA Post has admitted fabrications. Also, the people in Alabama are obviously receiving the straight scoop from their local news outlets. Polls have Roy Moore far out in front of Dave Jones, the baby killer and open borders candidate.
        Just relying on the FAKE News does not cut it.

    • Radio Randy

      I agree with your first sentence. For someone like Rob, a long time lawyer, to make such a statement says a lot about his impartiality, unfortunately.

    • DanOOOO

      With regard to Judge R. Moore, many of “these women” were children at the time. Statue of limitations are why there may never be charges. It is quite common for children to take YEARS to process what abuse is, what happened to them and why speaking up is important.

      • SouthernRoots

        I find it odd that they were fine with him being elected to the state supreme court multiple times but only when he comes up for a senate race do they come forward.

        • DanOOOO

          See the above. Some were children.

          • SouthernRoots

            They were “children” in 1979 – 16, 17 and older. The same age as students going to UW, who are allowed to make all decisions including whether to share financial and grade information with their parents. Unless granted permission by the student, parents can be shut out – per law.

            They were not children 6 years ago when Moore ran for Chief Justice. They were not children 4 years ago when Moore became Chief Justice.

            I just find it odd that they didn’t come out during his Chief Justice races nor during his tenure as Chief Justice. I would think a Chief Justice has a more direct impact on a state’s residents than a US Senator.

  • Malby

    Not to mention Trump. At least 13 women.

    • darnash

      Who are the 13 women and what are they charging? Are these all substantiated charges or just Hillary supporters expressing their vitriol against Trump?

  • mark_abc

    This appears to be a most effective reframing for addressing the issue of sexual harrasment:

  • thoughtfulnw

    What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” We have so often seen this “sexual harassment” charge used as a political hammer. Later when it is proven to be a fabrication, all we hear is ,”oh, sorry, me bad…wink wink, we won.”

  • DR Jensen

    Rob McKenna, your bias is showing.

    Have you forgotten the infamous Wenatchee Witch Hunt already ?

    • DanOOOO

      Horrible case, horrible. However the culture of sexual harassment is a totally different situation. Children were manipulated by city and state personnel. There had not been a “history” of these more than a dozen adults abusing children. Neighbors, friends and family never filed complaints nor talked among themselves about these “abusers”. These adults were poor, uneducated people who had been taken to the cleaners by gov. officials. Their cases all fell apart and the City of Wenatchee paid hundreds of thousands to pay civil suits. I’m not saying this can’t happen again. I’m saying women accusing men of assault are not the same as gov. officials forgetting how to be professionals. It’s different when there is a culture of harassment.