Does it matter where good ideas come from?

Political activists love symbols and shorthand that they can use to signal to the like-minded that they are supposed to despise something. The left has tried to do that to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a group of legislators from around the country that promotes model laws that its members agree on. They have […]

The success of the Majority Coalition Caucus

A veteran of Olympia like former Secretary of State Sam Reed knows the importance of true leadership to good governance, and highlights the great work of Senator Andy Hill and others from the legislature in this column. Sam absolutely nails the most important aspect of the success of the Senate Majority Coalition: Impressively,┬áthe Senate coalition […]

GOP governors are rising in the polls

Smarter Government Washington is always on the lookout for policies which are working to help other states succeed in these challenging times. This Politico article highlights how the intensive, effective jobs growth strategies by Republican Governors across the country has them rising in the polls. Unfortunately, it is a different story in our state capital, […]