Bright Light award: Warner & Woods of the Wenatchee World

Interest in better public policy outcomes demands an interest in quality journalism. In a world where people increasingly get their news from ideological silos, community-based news, original reporting, and clutter-clearing commentary are more important than ever. North Central Washington is fortunate to have the Wenatchee World, which truly is a community asset. Owned and published […]

Even “progressives’ dream governor” learns tax hikes don’t solve all

The people who advocate for only transit and not one more mile of road are fond of saying, “You can’t build your way out of congestion.” Their contention, repeated often, is that “demand” for the roadway from growth and from improved traffic flows will mean the roadway will quickly fill in and traffic will be […]

Platform changes highlight Democrats’ leftward drift

Recently I had the fun of joining with three smart, articulate Republican leaders – John Carlson of 570 KVI, U.S. Senate candidate Chris Vance, and state Rep. Matt Manweller – in a panel discussion about the GOP and its future. We ran some highlights from the evening here, and you can listen to our full […]

McKenna on KIRO: Should Clinton be barred from classified info?

On KIRO 97.3 this morning, host Dave Ross asked Rob about the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal and the FBI’s decision not to pursue charges. House Speaker Paul Ryan said this week Clinton should be barred from classified briefings during the campaign because of careless way she handled classified information. Rob McKenna: “There’s an executive order […]

Highlights from “The Elephant in the Room” discussion

Rob joined 570 KVI host John Carlson, U.S. Senate candidate Chris Vance, and CWU political science professor and state Rep. Matt Manweller on June 30 for a KUOW-hosted panel discussion with moderator Ross Reynolds on the state of the Republican Party and its future. You can listen to the entire broadcast here. Approximate time stamps […]

GOP has to compete on ideas

1994 was a huge year for Republicans. After 40 years of Democratic House majorities, the Newt Gingrich-led House GOP won control of that chamber. Since then, Republicans have maintained their majority for all but four years. More than any other factor, the victory was due to a natural voter backlash against Bill Clinton’s troubled first […]

The Jungle isn’t a “refuge,” and turning a blind eye isn’t compassion

After years of turning a blind eye to the festering problem that is Seattle’s largest homeless encampment, the Jungle, the City of Seattle is finally doing something about it. Mayor Ed Murray deserves credit for making the decision. Ignoring the Jungle and the problems it creates is not compassion. With the mayor’s encouragement, the Union […]

Trump’s, Sanders’s trade policies would hurt Washington’s economy

There is a broad consensus that free trade is good for the American economy – among the political elites of both parties, anyway. This topsy-turvy political year has served as a reminder that a small but significant percentage of the American public remains unconvinced that free trade is a net positive. Donald Trump and Bernie […]

McKenna on KIRO: Supreme Court passes on pot case

Rob and KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross discussed a lawsuit by Oklahoma and Nebraska against the State of Colorado for marijuana that is leaving Colorado and entering those two states, as well as the state of pot laws nationally. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up the two states’ case. Ross: “When the presidency […]

Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen: An Appreciation

Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen, Washington’s five-term governor-in-waiting, announced last week that, as expected, he won’t run for re-election this fall. Owen’s announcement to the body he presides over, the state Senate, included wise words we should all heed. Owen’s pending retirement brought out an outpouring of respect, affection and well-wishes from senators, and no wonder. […]