Reid says Obamacare just a step toward eventual single-payer system

I guess now they think we can handle the truth Guest Commentary I guess we should be thankful when an elected official tells us what is really on his mind. However, this article highlighting comments from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada neatly encapsulates a couple examples of the duplicity we’ve seen from Democratic […]

Obamacare support sinking

The problems with implementation of ObamaCare are becoming more obvious, and the support for the law continues to sink – as CBS pointed out in its just-released poll. Imagine how the country would be better off if the Congress had adopted a bi-partisan approach to fixing the problems with the health care system that we […]

Obamacare insurance mandate postponed for employers

During my campaign for governor, I met thousands of small business owners across the state. One of their top concerns: how they are going to handle the heavy costs imposed by the employer mandates in Obamacare. Many have concluded they simply cannot afford the mandated increases they face in the cost of providing health insurance […]