Health care is like the rest of life: financial incentives work

You’ve been meaning to get started on a fitness program to stay healthier, but you haven’t got around to it. That sounds like a lot of us. But what if it meant $125 a year off your insurance premiums? It’s not a lot of money. In fact, you might spend more on some workout clothes […]

OIC allegations raise question: why are “independent” judges supervised in house?

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler You may have seen the allegations: an administrative law judge in the state Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) is accusing Commissioner Mike Kreidler’s top deputy, Jim Odiorne, of pressuring her to make rulings that align with what Mr. Kreidler wants. Kreidler’s office has suspended the judge, Patricia Petersen, while the […]

Gov. Bobby Jindal, solutions-oriented pol, carves a different path on health care

Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor and a possible candidate for president, is clearly one of the brightest minds in the Republican Party. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Gov. Jindal a few times, including when he came out to campaign with me in Spokane in 2012. I came away impressed with his intellect and communications […]

‘If you like your plan, you can keep your plan’ – O’Ban and Manweller work to uphold president’s promise

It’s now almost four years since President Obama signed his signature health care reform legislation – and the controversy surrounding it has yet to die down. Polls continue to find that many around the nation are dissatisfied with the law and the way it was implemented. For most families, though, the politics surrounding Obamacare are […]

McDermott’s reminder: Long term, many Democrats want Obamacare to fail

It was once conventional wisdom in Congress that bills of great importance – those covering topics such as war, massive programs, and great social upheaval – needed to pass with bipartisan majorities. Obamacare, in contrast, was unable to attract any Republican support. It was passed in a late night, straight party line vote. Since then, […]

A Lemon of a Law

Imagine a young entrepreneur selling lemonade on hot summer days in his neighborhood.  He makes his product from a frozen concentrate, sells it in different size paper cups, and charges between twenty five cents and a dollar, depending on how much lemonade customers want. Some people in the neighborhood would really like to have lemonade, […]

What could have been: a bipartisan approach to health care reform

None of us wishes for our government to fail, especially on something as important as health care reform.  However, observers across the country are now suggesting that the seeds for the current problems with the Obamacare rollout were sown in the way the way the law was passed and then sold to the American people. […]

Republicans should offer practical alternatives to Obamacare

As you know, I did not think the federal shutdown was a wise way to draw attention to Obamacare’s issues. Washington, D.C., is now past the turmoil of the shutdown and back to regular business, and the focus of the press has shifted to the many problems with the implementation of Obamacare. The confrontation led […]

President Obama lost Jon Stewart over Obamacare problems

Given the partisan battles over Obamacare – the way it passed Congress on strict party-line votes, the proxy fights by core supporters and core opponents, and the “defund” movement – it’s easy to view the law through those partisan prisms. The success of its implementation, though, won’t come from some party spokesperson’s talking points or […]

A missed opportunity to join this century

There has been an ongoing debate in recent years about the appropriate percentage that state employees should contribute to their health care coverage provided by the state. I believe – as do many of our small business owners and newspaper editorial boards across the state – that state employees who choose to keep their traditional […]