Invest in more efficient transportation system

Transportation is one of the biggest issues facing the legislature today. Our streets and highways are in need of maintenance and preservation, our Puget Sound roadways are congested, our bridges are aging, and our state’s economy faces serious competitive threats if we don’t invest in freight mobility. We urgently need to complete Highway 167 from […]

The agenda set by the Governor made a bad situation worse in Olympia

Last Tuesday, two key elected officials delivered major speeches regarding where they wanted to lead their governments. The first, by King County Executive, Dow Constantine, was a serious, detailed speech that laid out a specific proposal to address a real issue.  The second was Gov. Jay Inslee’s state of the state address, which in no […]

Before asking voters for more in gas taxes, show them they’ll get more value for each dollar

Legislative Principle #2 Washington’s infrastructure has not kept pace. Drivers in many areas of the state need faster, safer commutes; freight mobility must improve to keep us economically competitive; and local governments need funds to keep up with road maintenance and improve access to the state highways that bring valuable products and crops to market. […]

Republicans and Democrats need to close the deal on transportation

The Senate Transportation Committee last week held a day-long hearing on the transportation plan proposed by the Republican-dominated coalition that runs the Senate.  At the end of the hearing, the Democratic leader on the committee, Sen. Tracy Eide, instead of trashing the Republican plan, said, “We’re close and I know we can get there.”  Can […]

Potential transportation reforms look promising, will deliver more value

Legislators are contemplating a transportation package to fund needed infrastructure improvements in Washington. Many of these projects are important for Washington’s economic competitiveness, such as completing SR 167 to the Port of Tacoma. It’s important that any transportation package passed in Olympia go to the voters for approval – and Senate leaders have vowed to […]

Changing world means state leaders must build on Washington’s strengths

Last week’s drama over Boeing jobs, the minimum wage in Sea Tac, and a special session of the legislature reflects the central economic and political issue of our time:  global economic competition.  The world has changed in many of our lifetimes.  To thrive, Americans must recognize that the laws of economics are remorseless and can’t be altered by legislation. To […]

Don’t ask voters to pay more for transpo unless they get more in return

Governor Inslee has called the Legislature back for another special session, seeking to pass tax incentives for Boeing and a transportation package to keep the 777X production line in Washington. There has been some confusion over whether the special session is actually necessary to keep the production line here and whether a transportation package has […]

How much will tunnel delays cost us?

I believe our state economy would benefit from a new transportation package to improve infrastructure and finish critical projects. Leaders from the state Senate are currently touring the state to solicit feedback from voters before taking action. These forums are important, not just as opportunities to give transportation leaders your direct feedback, but also to […]

Transportation package must have voter buy-in

Once upon a time, powerful interest groups could descend on Olympia and quietly persuade lawmakers to make major changes in public policy – including raising taxes.  Today, however, the widening gap in philosophy between Republicans and Democrats, our divided legislature, in which Seattle Democrats control the House, while Republicans and moderate Democrats control the Senate, […]