Sawant’s attacks on minimum wage study are purely political

In the 2015 book Superforecasting, Dr. Philip Tetlock explored humans’ ability to predict future events (e.g., the price of oil, Russian military excursions, which cities ISIS would seize) and why some people are better forecasters than others. His research makes clear that people who are more ideological aren’t as good at crafting accurate forecasts. In […]

I-1501 sounds innocent, but it’s really about keeping workers in the dark

You have to give SEIU, one of the state’s largest public sector unions, one thing: it’s clever. SEIU has a talent for pushing self-interested ballot initiatives that sound like they’re noble and high-minded. Its latest, I-1501, is being pitched as an initiative about privacy and security. Supposedly the purpose of I-1501 is to “increase penalties […]

Kim Wyman’s challenger completely bungled attack

Tina Podlodowski, a former Seattle City Councilmember, is challenging Washington’s lone statewide Republican officeholder, Secretary of State Kim Wyman. Last week Podlodowski generated her first headlines of the campaign since her January announcement and acquitted herself so poorly that it will disqualify her in some minds. As is often the case when a media opportunity […]

Initiative would force you to pay for political speech you disagree with

Americans have a hang-up about being compelled to do things. It’s in our DNA. For instance, we have freedom of religion written into our constitution, but also freedom not to participate in any religion. The right not to be compelled to house soldiers was important enough that the Framers spelled it out in the Bill […]

Not joking: “Use a reverse mortgage to pay your property taxes”

Sometimes we highlight something here on SGW just because it’s so revealing of a mindset. That’s the case with this opinion article that ran on the environment-focused blog Sightline. In an argument in favor of Seattle’s latest affordable housing levy, the author dismissed concerns about rising property taxes pricing people on fixed incomes out of […]

Nasty anti-Catholic bigotry in Federal Way the ugly side of politics

With the election just around the corner, the hit pieces and attack ads are flying. As distasteful as many find them, they are just a reality of the process. Most pass by without the need for comment. Some are so over-the-top or vile, though, that they must be called out. The disgusting anti-Catholic attack last […]

Metro bus system: cuts to service hours well below predictions

When King County leaders put the Prop. 1 tax measure on the ballot to further fund the Metro bus system this past spring, they went into full-pessimism mode, warning of draconian cuts. That’s a standard tactic when government is trying to convince voters to raise taxes, but it’s rarely effective. It certainly wasn’t with Prop. […]

Branding fight shows why Republicans must showcase real solutions

Labels matter in politics. You can see that in the effort political activists put into trying to damage the other side’s brand. While Democrats once proudly called themselves liberals, now they’re more likely to use “progressive.” The liberal brand had become associated in voters’ minds with excesses, and candidates tried to avoid it. The left […]

I’m voting no on Initiative 517 and Initiative 522

Many have asked me lately what I think of the two initiatives on this year’s ballot. After evaluating both proposals, I am urging a no vote on both of them. Initiative 522 I-522 sounds simple: require foods that contain genetically modified ingredients (for instance, cereal with genetically modified corn) to have a label that indicates […]

Hyper-partisanship not what local government needs

It’s not often that a newspaper reverses an endorsement late in a campaign because of a candidate’s actions, but that’s exactly what The Seattle Times recently did in a Bellevue City Council race. When you watch the video below, you’ll see why. This type of rabid partisanship displayed by Bellevue city council candidate Steve Kasner […]