State’s filing cuts to heart of problem with court’s McCleary approach

You’ve got to hand it to the Attorney General’s Office: its latest filing in the McCleary lawsuit cuts right to the heart of how the Supreme Court has mishandled the case. In 2014 the court found the Legislature in contempt for not having a written “plan” to fully fund K-12 education. Last summer, the court levied sanctions […]

State Superintendent sues districts for funding basic education?

It looks like one of those double-take-inducing man-bites-dog stories. The state’s top schools official is suing seven large schools districts for spending money on education? Randy Dorn, the outgoing Superintendent of Public Instruction, filed suit last week against seven school districts for spending local levy money in impermissible ways. Much of that impermissible spending goes […]

Supreme Court’s McCleary oversight has complicated rather than clarified

It’s the single biggest issue facing state government, the one thing on which not just K-12 but all parts of the state budget hinge. You’d think, then, that the challenges facing legislators in meeting the McCleary decision are as clear as day. Instead, they’re about as clear as mud. How much will legislators need to […]

Moving to statewide teacher bargaining is the only rational choice

We’re probably all a little sick of reading about the McCleary education funding case. It remains, however, the issue in state government, looming over everything the governor and legislature do or want to do. At SGW we’ve been pretty clear about the elements we believe are necessary to finally put the McCleary issue to rest. […]

Gregoire: “throwing money” at schools won’t solve crisis

“Former Gov. Christine Gregoire said the state’s education crisis won’t be solved simply by ‘throwing money’ at it,” the Yakima Herald-Republic reports. Gregoire visited Yakima to speak to a Rotary group in her role as head of Challenge Seattle. That point might seem obvious, but it’s been lost in the debate over funding the state’s […]

Computer science push, backed by Microsoft, aims at skills gap

When I was campaigning around the state in 2011 and 2012, I heard from many employers, especially manufacturers and tech leaders, who told me they had open jobs they couldn’t fill. So many applicants for those jobs didn’t have the skills and training that matched the job. Meanwhile, worthwhile jobs sat empty. You could dismiss […]

McKenna on KIRO: Bellevue High football investigation

KIRO 97.3’s Dave Ross asked Rob about the WIAA’s investigation of Bellevue High School’s football program over allegations of recruiting and other issues. Dave Ross: “But they didn’t go to Bellevue High School, they went to this Academic Institute, which was a private establishment, and in some cases, at least the allegation is, that their […]

Charter schools now law – Cinderella edition

For this Cinderella story, the clock striking midnight was a good thing. With a tick of the clock to midnight on Sunday, Washington joined 42 other states with charter schools. Though we would have preferred to see Governor Inslee sign the bill (and provide those students that testified and rallied at legislature a bill ceremony) we […]

Yes, Democrats’ budget proposal swipes money from K-12

It’s not often that I’m truly surprised by what happens in Olympia, but Monday was one such occasion. The choices House Democrats made in their supplemental budget proposal are bewildering. Their plan makes it harder to fund K-12 schools in the future – no matter how loudly House D’s protest that this isn’t the case. […]

Let’s stop electing the Superintendent of Public Instruction

Truly accountable government requires a few elements. To be legitimate, it must be democratically elected by the people it represents It must be accessible to citizens and transparent It needs to be consistent and fair, treating citizens equally and without corruption Constitutional boundaries and limits must be respected, and those boundaries enforced Officials’ duties and […]