Catch the excitement: new charter schools will do great things for disadvantaged students

We are getting closer to the day when charter schools are finally a reality in Washington. 22 potential charter school operators submitted applications, all seeking to open new charter schools that will serve communities that badly need a new approach. Evaluation teams are considering the applications now, and in February the state charter schools commission […]

Charter schools offer hope to families

To have been in a charter school is to believe in a charter school. – Dr. Shelley Redinger, superintendent of Spokane Public Schools I couldn’t have put it better myself. Public charter schools don’t just offer the rigorous, alternative approaches to learning that some students and communities need – they offer hope to families whose […]

WEA leaders remain backwards on public charter schools

I wrote on Thursday about the idea of a levy swap as a way to meet the state Supreme Court’s requirement that the state stably and uniformly fund public schools. The other leg of that stool is ample funding. The most recent budget passed by the legislature made progress toward that goal, funding K-12 schools by […]

WEA files lawsuit against voters’ choice

Washington’s public charter schools law is a smart, targeted, and voter-approved approach to help kids who are stuck in underperforming schools or need an alternative approach to rise above their circumstances. While the law is a clear win for kids, among the adults in the education system, the issue comes down once again to the […]

Special interests trying to stop charter schools

Where is the outrage from the state’s elected leaders about a special interest group trying to protect its access to your tax dollars (which fund their dues) by filing a lawsuit to overturn the will of the people?  The sound you hear is crickets, coming from the political leaders who have eviscerated higher ed and […]