To meme or not to meme

It used to be said that if your political philosophy can be summed up on a bumper sticker, you need to read a book. The same can now be said about those who litter social media with political memes. The memes I am writing about are those fabricated e-placards that usually contain a picture and […]

Don’t forget about manufacturing

It’s fitting that New Balance broke ground on a new $500 million Boston campus just days before National Manufacturing Day on Oct. 4. The company is an American manufacturing success story. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, it employs 1,300 American workers at five facilities in New England and purchases material from domestic suppliers responsible for another […]

Defending American Innovation from Foreign IP Theft

There are few things U.S. workers value more than protecting the fruits of their labor and creativity. On Friday — World Intellectual Property Day — businesses across sectors and throughout the country celebrate American innovation, the millions of high-paying jobs it creates and the invaluable role it plays in rebuilding our economy. However, today is […]

How Republicans need to change in Washington state

Defeats like those suffered by many of my Republican colleagues and me last November are cause for sober reflection, as opposed to finger pointing. Rather than focus on blaming others for our defeats, party leaders and activists should instead consider how changing demographics, rapid technological change and relatively swift shifts in public attitudes have contributed […]