Bright Light award: Drew Stokesbary

It’s heartening, as a recovering politician, to see younger people stepping up to run for office. The conservative side of the aisle in Olympia has benefited in recent years by some really impressive under-40 officeholders who give us confidence about the future.

Rep. Drew Stokesbary (R-Auburn) certainly fits that bill. The young conservative, just re-elected to his second term, is sharp, prepared, and steadfast. Stokesbary has proven himself to be a fiscal hawk who prioritizes education first and looks to protect the taxpayer from ever-growing government.

Stokesbary is effective. No other freshman legislator this term passed more bills – which is even more impressive considering he’s in the minority party in the House.

On the Judiciary Committee, Stokesbary has fought to protect Second Amendment rights and property rights. As a member of the Finance and Appropriations committees, he staunchly opposed tax increases and wasteful spending. He is part of a House Republican group working on fully funding K-12 schools.

Rep. JT Wilcox (R-Yelm), floor leader for the House Republicans, said, “Drew Stokesbary quickly established himself as one of the brightest, and even as a freshman, one of the most well-informed legislators in Olympia. He rapidly made his mark on the Finance committee as the only freshman member of a committee that is perhaps the most talent-laden in Olympia.”

Drew Stokesbary is exactly the type of leader I’d like to see running for the Legislature in districts all across the state. 31st District voters are fortunate to have him working for them in Olympia. For his intelligence, principles, and hard work, Rep. Drew Stokesbary is a Smarter Government Washington Bright Light.
-Rob McKenna

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Rob McKenna
Rob served two terms as Washington’s Attorney General, from 2005 to 2013. He successfully argued three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and negotiated three of the largest consumer financial protection settlements in national history, all involving mortgage lending and servicing. He is a recognized leader in the development of consumer protections on the internet, in data protection and privacy regulation.