POLL: Should the state pay $270M for a building?

According to a news story on KUOW, the state has signed a letter of intent to lease the old Amazon headquarters as a community college health care training center and lease out some of the space they won’t use. It is estimated to cost more then $270 million over 30 years. You can read the […]

State’s revenue forecast positive; Nealey cautions that economic recovery is still fragile

Press Release: Washington House Republicans The Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council today released its quarterly revenue projections for the state and the news is positive. Since the previous June forecast, officials say closing revenue for the 2011-13 biennium is up $23 million. The forecast also projects an increase of $345 million for the […]

Positive signs in the 2013-2015 budget

Guest Commentary Yesterday, we highlighted the large tax increases Gov. Jay Inslee and House Democrats proposed, which stood in direct contrast to the way the Senate Majority Coalition stood up to protect Washington tax payers. The Senate was largely successful in its bid to avoid tax increases. Today, we highlight some positive budget provisos, ones […]

Budget fight displayed in stark numbers

Guest Commentary Washington lawmakers crafting the current two-year budget earlier this year had an additional $2 billion in tax revenues to work with over the previous biennium. Despite the relatively flush times, the Three Corners (the Democrat-controlled House, the Senate Majority Coalition of 23 Republicans and two Democrats, and Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee) needed two […]

Jobs recovery or negative trends below all the positive bluster?

Guest Commentary Yesterday, you saw a few charts highlighting the weak jobs recovery in Washington and the problems young adults are having in this economy. And that’s in a state that is recovering comparatively better than many in the nation. The economy continues to show anemic growth, and much of the job growth is in part-time work. With […]

The Economy: Which is the more frightening chart?

Guest Commentary A veteran Olympia observer – and frankly, what other kind would be watching the economic review meeting last Thursday – sent the following charts to Smarter Government WA, which we found of great interest. They prompted us to ask a very simple question: if we had leaders focused on smarter government instead of […]

Rob McKenna Joins NAJI As President

WASHINGTON — The National Alliance for Jobs and Innovation (NAJI) is pleased to announce that former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna has joined NAJI’s Board of Directors and will serve as NAJI President. NAJI is a non-partisan organization of over 200 members whose mission is to help stop unfair competition resulting from stolen intellectual […]

McKenna announcing Smarter Government WA on KVI 570

McKenna announced a new website, www.smartergovernmentwa.org , which will be a forum for political ideas and viewpoints to create more effective and responsive government across Washington. McKenna told KVI during the interview that he’s heard from too many government employees who have ideas for improving government and those ideas need a greater voice to benefit statewide taxpayers.

McKenna to reveal new venture

Former attorney general Rob McKenna tweeted Wednesday night that he plans to unveil a new undertaking next week. His tweet sends you to smartergovernmentwa.org where you’ll be invited to “BE THE FIRST TO KNOW ABOUT ROB’S NEW PROJECT” by registering to receive an email. There is also a clock counting down the time to the announcement by […]

Catching up with Rob McKenna

After serving in public office for 17 years, Rob McKenna is working as an attorney in the private sector. McKenna joined KING 5 in studio to talk about what he’s been up to and if he has plans to run for office again.