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Rob McKenna

Temptation to evade public disclosure is always there

As a taxpayer and a citizen, you have a right to know what public officials and government employees are doing with their work time and your money. Our public records laws help ensure that right.

But what is to prevent officials from evading those laws? Unfortunately the answer is, not much. It’s not exactly an honor system, but it’s darn close.

The reality is, we rely … [Read More]

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McKenna on KIRO: Congress overturns Obama’s 9/11 veto

KIRO 97.3 hosts Colleen O’Brien and Josh Kerns asked Rob about Congress overriding President Obama’s veto of a bill that will allow family members of 9/11 victims to … [Read More]

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Little Lincoln County seen as big threat to union secrecy

Who’s afraid of open contract negotiations? Clearly government employee unions are. They see open negotiations as a big threat, so they’re responding with … [Read More…]

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Jason Mercier

Charter schools now law – Cinderella edition

For this Cinderella story, the clock striking midnight was a good thing. With a tick of the clock to midnight on Sunday, Washington joined 42 other states with charter schools. Though we would have preferred to see Governor Inslee sign the bill (and provide those students that testified and rallied at legislature a bill ceremony) we are excited he allowed the bill to become … [Read More]