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Rob McKenna

Nuclear energy an important part of the mix

Unless you follow city utility regulation closely (thrilling stuff, I know), you probably missed the news that the Seattle City Council is considering eliminating nuclear power from Seattle City Light’s power portfolio. Already a mere 4.4 percent of Seattle’s power usage, activists are looking to bring that number down to zero. There is something ironic about that. At a time … [Read More]

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Health care is like the rest of life: financial incentives work

You’ve been meaning to get started on a fitness program to stay healthier, but you haven’t got around to it. That sounds like a lot of us. But what if it meant … [Read More]

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Need for changes to NCLB no excuse to go backward on important standards

Many parents around Washington recently received a letter explaining that under the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, their child’s school has failed to meet … [Read More...]

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Jason Mercier

Senator requests opinion from Attorney General on Harris v. Quinn impact in Washington

Washington Policy Center On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in Harris v. Quinn calling into question the forced unionization of some Washington residents. The decision at a minimum likely applies to home healthcare workers, family child care providers and language access providers(it may also impact others). The reason these three groups may be affected … [Read More]