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Rob McKenna

Reminder: Teacher strikes are illegal in Washington

Several local teachers unions around the state are planning one-day walkouts as a protest. Neither the House nor Senate budgets are sufficient, they say, so to grab some attention for the issue these teachers will not show up for work. Let’s be clear: Teacher strikes are illegal in Washington. They are not allowed under state law. The same goes for all public employees at … [Read More]

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Harry Reid is leaving. Can we safely store nuclear waste, finally?

Harry Reid, the Democratic senator from Nevada and former Majority Leader, announced recently that he will not run for re-election in 2016. Congress will be better … [Read More]

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House budget joke: “First, assume higher state revenues”

Reading about the budget proposal House Democrats rolled out in Olympia reminds me of the old joke about economists: A physicist, a chemist and an economist are … [Read More...]

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Jason Mercier

Senate should put voter-approved tax restrictions into its rules

Now that the 2014 election has been certified we know the official make up of the Legislature. Based on the responses to our supermajority for taxes legislative survey, we also know that the members of the Majority Coalition Caucus (MCC) in the Senate support allowing the voters to consider a constitutional amendment to put the five-time voter approved policy into the … [Read More]