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Rob McKenna

Could the state House govern from the center, too?

Washington is under divided government, and for taxpayers that’s been nothing but good news. Republicans in the state Senate put the brakes on large tax increase proposals from Gov. Inslee and House Democrats the past few years.If you listen to some in Olympia who are used to controlling all of the levers of power, you’d think this divided government was some sort of … [Read More]

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Yes, your levy dollars are being spent improperly

Last week Randy Dorn, state Superintendent of Public Instruction, asked for an Attorney General’s Opinion (AGO) on school districts using local levies to pay teacher … [Read More]

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Lawless California a bad example of criminal justice reform

Momentum is building across the country for various reforms in our state and federal criminal justice systems. Voices from the left and right are re-thinking minimum … [Read More...]

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Drew Stokesbary

Let’s reform Washington’s most regressive tax

Rob McKenna: In the 2012 campaign, I advocated for a revenue-neutral levy swap to help satisfy the McCleary decision. The idea of a levy swap was originally developed in the legislature by a House Democrat and a Senate Republican. Under a revenue-neutral levy swap, local property taxes would be lowered and state property taxes raised by an equal amount. This would allow the … [Read More]