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Rob McKenna

I-1351 will raise your taxes

As mentioned earlier this week, I-1351 includes no tax increase to pay for its added spending, nor does it specify other areas of state spending that should be cut. The initiative’s sponsor, the Washington Education Association, knows I-1351 has a much better chance of passing if it does not include a tax increase. Instead, it is hoping that the initiative’s passage will … [Read More]

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I-1351 is about increasing the number of dues-paying WEA members

Initiative 1351 isn't about doing what’s best for Washington students. Reducing class sizes in all grades sounds like a good idea, but there are better ways to help … [Read More]

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I-1351 will likely mean higher college tuition

Legislators are grappling with the need to find billions more for K-12 schools to satisfy the McCleary case. Initiative 1351 would mandate additional billions more … [Read More...]

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Adam Faber

McCleary hearing: Court ponders its limits and some radical remedies

The state Supreme Court ruled in 2012’s McCleary case that the state is shirking its constitutional duty to adequately fund K-12 schools. Since then, the court has expressed its displeasure at the Legislature’s progress in correcting the problem by the court’s imposed 2018 deadline. Now the question is, what is the court going to do about it? Plaintiffs and the state both … [Read More]