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Rob McKenna

An honest study on transpo increases reveals a big problem

From time to time, we all need to take a step back and evaluate the picture. That’s true of our personal lives, but it’s just as true of government and its efforts, too. That’s why a new report from former state Transportation secretary Doug MacDonald is so valuable.MacDonald started with a seemingly simple question: how much does the typical Seattle household pay for … [Read More]

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Ports belong to us; don’t let anyone shut them down

Last fall, dockworkers began work slowdowns at ports all along the West coast, including Seattle, which lasted for months. The slowdowns resulted in missed shipments … [Read More]

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Congress coddles, hamstrings money-losing Postal Service

In 2014, the U.S. Postal Service lost $5.5 billion. It was the eighth year in a row the Postal Service lost money, for a total of $51.7 billion over that … [Read More...]

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Drew Stokesbary

Let’s reform Washington’s most regressive tax

Rob McKenna: In the 2012 campaign, I advocated for a revenue-neutral levy swap to help satisfy the McCleary decision. The idea of a levy swap was originally developed in the legislature by a House Democrat and a Senate Republican. Under a revenue-neutral levy swap, local property taxes would be lowered and state property taxes raised by an equal amount. This would allow the … [Read More]