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Rob McKenna

Congress continues to dither on the debt

When news stories throw around figures in the hundreds of billions and then trillions of dollars, most of us start getting lost in the enormity of those figures. Perhaps that’s why the pressing matter of our nation’s debt seems to have receded as a top-tier issue for presidential candidates. That matter of perspective is one reason it’s helpful to talk about the national … [Read More]

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Again, why should the state pay for a union research center?

A few months ago we highlighted a Freedom Foundation report about the state-funded Labor Education & Research Center (LERC), housed at South Seattle Community … [Read More]

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From $1.5 billion in tax hikes to “no clear number”

For months, the governor and legislative Democrats have kept up a steady drumbeat: tax increases are necessary for the state to meet its obligations. A … [Read More...]

Guest Columnists

Jason Mercier

Senate should put voter-approved tax restrictions into its rules

Now that the 2014 election has been certified we know the official make up of the Legislature. Based on the responses to our supermajority for taxes legislative survey, we also know that the members of the Majority Coalition Caucus (MCC) in the Senate support allowing the voters to consider a constitutional amendment to put the five-time voter approved policy into the … [Read More]