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Rob McKenna

A free press is vital to a democracy; Washington News Council was vital to a free press

The Washington News Council announced last week that it will close down on May 31. The organization played a necessary role in our state’s media landscape as it sought to ensure accuracy and hold the press accountable. For people who felt they were the victims of drive-by journalism, the WNC provided an outlet for them to seek redress and to right a wrong. This great … [Read More]

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WEA takes stand against accountability, kids await the consequences

When legislators rejected a simple fix to the state’s teacher evaluation law earlier this year, they did so knowing that it would likely cost the state $40 million … [Read More]

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Gov. Bobby Jindal, solutions-oriented pol, carves a different path on health care

Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor and a possible candidate for president, is clearly one of the brightest minds in the Republican Party. I’ve had the opportunity … [Read More...]

Guest Columnists

Maxford Nelsen

Government unions oppose common-sense transparency

Government unions sometimes decry the influence of special interests in Washington politics, but the recent legislative session highlighted how government unions are not afraid to put their sizeable lobbying apparatus to work against the public interest. After intense lobbying by the state teacher’s union, Senate Democrats reversed course and voted down their own bill which … [Read More]

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round-Up: Moving in the right direction on teacher evaluations

Moving in the right direction on teacher evaluations Olympia has been engaged in a completely needless fight over the use of statewide tests in teacher evaluations. The state teachers union is fighting their use, putting our waiver to the federal No Child Left Behind Act at risk. While the issue isn’t yet settled, actions this week have moved in the right direction. Gov. … [Read More...]