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Rob McKenna

Is a progressive capital gains tax even constitutional?

As Olympia debates the merits of a proposed 7.5% capital gains tax, it remains unclear if a progressive capital gains tax would even be allowed under the state constitution. That depends on how the state Supreme Court would ultimately classify capital gains taxes. Section 7 of the state constitution says “all taxes shall be uniform upon the same class of property”, which … [Read More]

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Capital gains taxes are volatile, but some in Olympia say “Who cares?”

Capital gains tax revenues are extremely volatile. There are many differing opinions about the proposed state capital gains tax – a type of income tax that the … [Read More]

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Transpo 2015: Carbon taxes a risky revenue source

The problems with the governor’s proposed transportation package begin with its revenue source. By basing the package on an all-new cap-and-trade carbon taxing … [Read More...]

Guest Columnists

Jason Mercier

Senate should put voter-approved tax restrictions into its rules

Now that the 2014 election has been certified we know the official make up of the Legislature. Based on the responses to our supermajority for taxes legislative survey, we also know that the members of the Majority Coalition Caucus (MCC) in the Senate support allowing the voters to consider a constitutional amendment to put the five-time voter approved policy into the … [Read More]