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Rob McKenna

Budget 101 – What the state spends your money on

The battle over the state budget in the upcoming legislative session is expected to be a doozy. That fight will kick off in earnest in December when the governor reveals his budget proposal, followed by the House and Senate’s proposed budgets. Here at SGW, we’ll be closely following the debate over the state budget. Many facts and figures will be thrown at you in news … [Read More]

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Real alternatives to Obamacare

Obamacare flies in the face of many principles conservatives hold dear, including individual consumer choice and a belief that “massive government bureaucracy” and … [Read More]

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Police body cams: Public records and your privacy

Many cities around the state are considering equipping police officers with body cameras. The cameras are useful for gathering in-the-moment evidence as well as … [Read More...]

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Adam Faber

McCleary hearing: Court ponders its limits and some radical remedies

The state Supreme Court ruled in 2012’s McCleary case that the state is shirking its constitutional duty to adequately fund K-12 schools. Since then, the court has expressed its displeasure at the Legislature’s progress in correcting the problem by the court’s imposed 2018 deadline. Now the question is, what is the court going to do about it? Plaintiffs and the state both … [Read More]