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Rob McKenna

State health exchange still adrift, problem-filled

When Obamacare’s initial enrollment period opened in October 2013, the national exchange website was a disaster. As one of the states with its own exchange website, Washington’s site looked comparatively good – in that it wasn’t offline all the time. Problems persist After that problem-filled start, Washington’s Health Benefit Exchange got to work on making the 2014-15 … [Read More]

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A new tool for officials to cover up bad news

If you enjoy following the latest silly trends in government, then you’ve probably already heard about the Genuine Progress Indicator, or GPI. It’s an alternative … [Read More]

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Open public bargaining not as scary as some want you to believe

Washington has strong public records and open meeting laws that reflect the voters’ notion that we all have the right to know how our government operates. Every one … [Read More...]

Guest Columnists

Jason Mercier

Senate should put voter-approved tax restrictions into its rules

Now that the 2014 election has been certified we know the official make up of the Legislature. Based on the responses to our supermajority for taxes legislative survey, we also know that the members of the Majority Coalition Caucus (MCC) in the Senate support allowing the voters to consider a constitutional amendment to put the five-time voter approved policy into the … [Read More]