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Jason Mercier

WFSE says state compensation contract offer is “totally unacceptable”

Washington Policy Center Define a "totally unacceptable" compensation contract offer: Is it no raise? A 2% raise? A 6% raise? A 10% raise? Due to the fact the negotiations currently under way between the Governor's office and state employee unions are secret and prohibit public access we have no idea what the union deems to be "totally unacceptable" and neither do union … [Read More]

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Uncle Sam’s near future: Debt over 100% of GDP, taxes climbing automatically

Our nation’s federal government wields great power, but it lacks the power to alter mathematics. After decades of deficit spending, we are now within sight of a … [Read More]

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A fond farewell to the News Tribune’s Peter Callaghan

Peter Callaghan, the dean of the Tacoma News Tribune, has filed his last column for the paper. A new professional opportunity for his wife led the irascible … [Read More...]

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Chris Vance

Even the Supreme Court can’t break the gridlock in Olympia

Call me naïve, but when the State Supreme Court issued an order in the McCleary case in January directing the legislature to adopt a “complete plan” showing how they intended to fund by 2018 the education plans they themselves have made, I wrote the following about the legislature: “unless they are willing to thumb their noses at the constitution, they now must work together to … [Read More]