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Rob McKenna

In future, we’ll need an even more educated workforce; let’s support higher ed today

A few things in life are givens, death and taxes being the most famous two. Here’s another given: The good jobs of tomorrow aren’t going to require less education. That seems pretty obvious, but it’s worth pointing out that individual investments in education are still highly likely to lead to a higher standard of living. From a broader societal standpoint, we know that … [Read More]

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Public needs more reporters covering Olympia

Olympia’s capital press corps has been shrinking for a few decades now. The press houses near the capitol building aren’t nearly as crowded as the days when every … [Read More]

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NY Times notes: “Political stand puts schools in a bind”

Earlier this year, state senators, under pressure from the teachers union, voted down a fix to our teacher evaluations law. The “fix” was a small change in state law … [Read More...]

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Adam Faber

McCleary hearing: Court ponders its limits and some radical remedies

The state Supreme Court ruled in 2012’s McCleary case that the state is shirking its constitutional duty to adequately fund K-12 schools. Since then, the court has expressed its displeasure at the Legislature’s progress in correcting the problem by the court’s imposed 2018 deadline. Now the question is, what is the court going to do about it? Plaintiffs and the state both … [Read More]