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McKenna on KIRO: After-hours work emails banned?

KIRO 97.3 host Dave Ross asked Rob about a potential French law that would make it illegal to send work e-mails after hours, and how American companies and politicians are dealing with similar issues regarding after-hours work and “on-call” status. McKenna: “The question is whether a bright line like this, just a strict rule, really makes sense. I think exposing companies to … [Read More]

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The Jungle isn’t a “refuge,” and turning a blind eye isn’t compassion

After years of turning a blind eye to the festering problem that is Seattle’s largest homeless encampment, the Jungle, the City of Seattle is finally doing something … [Read More]

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Secret negotiations go against state’s tradition of openness

The Tri-City Herald took on the thorny topic of state employee negotiations last week. Judging by the main state employee union’s response, the paper hit a nerve. … [Read More...]

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Jason Mercier

Charter schools now law – Cinderella edition

For this Cinderella story, the clock striking midnight was a good thing. With a tick of the clock to midnight on Sunday, Washington joined 42 other states with charter schools. Though we would have preferred to see Governor Inslee sign the bill (and provide those students that testified and rallied at legislature a bill ceremony) we are excited he allowed the bill to become … [Read More]