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Rob McKenna

Fraud in Centralia School District shows need for smarter tenure laws

Those who monitor state government to hold it accountable keep an eye out for examples of slipshod work, unnecessary expenses, shirked duties, and officials using their positions to help political supporters. Thankfully, few problems rise to the level of out-and-out fraud. Unfortunately, it’s hard to view the recent revelations in the Centralia School District as anything … [Read More]

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State has enough “priorities” – it’s time to decide what actually matters most

Writing the state budget is the single most important thing legislators do, so it’s no surprise that they put so much effort into framing the debate over it. That’s … [Read More]

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WFSE says state compensation contract offer is “totally unacceptable”

Washington Policy Center Define a "totally unacceptable" compensation contract offer: Is it no raise? A 2% raise? A 6% raise? A 10% raise? Due to the fact the … [Read More...]

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Chris Vance

Even the Supreme Court can’t break the gridlock in Olympia

Call me naïve, but when the State Supreme Court issued an order in the McCleary case in January directing the legislature to adopt a “complete plan” showing how they intended to fund by 2018 the education plans they themselves have made, I wrote the following about the legislature: “unless they are willing to thumb their noses at the constitution, they now must work together to … [Read More]