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Rob McKenna

Computer science push, backed by Microsoft, aims at skills gap

When I was campaigning around the state in 2011 and 2012, I heard from many employers, especially manufacturers and tech leaders, who told me they had open jobs they couldn’t fill. So many applicants for those jobs didn’t have the skills and training that matched the job. Meanwhile, worthwhile jobs sat empty. You could dismiss it as anecdotal, but I heard it enough times to … [Read More]

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McKenna on KIRO: Bellevue High football investigation

KIRO 97.3's Dave Ross asked Rob about the WIAA's investigation of Bellevue High School's football program over allegations of recruiting and other issues. Dave … [Read More]

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‘Soviet of Washington’ reputation was earned, but it’s outdated

Ross Reynolds at KUOW examined an interesting question recently: “Does the 'Soviet of Washington' deserve its lefty reputation?” That phrase is usually attributed to … [Read More...]

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Jason Mercier

Charter schools now law – Cinderella edition

For this Cinderella story, the clock striking midnight was a good thing. With a tick of the clock to midnight on Sunday, Washington joined 42 other states with charter schools. Though we would have preferred to see Governor Inslee sign the bill (and provide those students that testified and rallied at legislature a bill ceremony) we are excited he allowed the bill to become … [Read More]